September 30, 2022

Life Insurance


All of us have heard about Life insurance but do we really know what is it? We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information and to demonstrate to you how the life insurance products can benefit you.

Consider what you treasure most:

 Is it not your family?
 The future of your children?
 Your health and the same for your family?
 Your financial security during old age/retirement?

These are the things which we treasure most and which we can secure using life products.What make this possible?
This happens through the different policies we can offer, which guarantee protection for you and your dependant in case of an illness, accident or in the worst-case death.
These products are created to help you the client in difficult situations, reimbursing the amounts paid for medical examinations, check-ups, medicines and hospitalisation. These products can guarantee you an income in event of disablement, but also through them you can provide a good life style to your dependant in the unfortunate event of death.
The life products can generate a sum that secures your financial independence through small, long-term premiums. You can choose when you receive the insurance sum, upon the delivery of a baby, when someone gets married or when you retire.
In short life insurance covers the risks concerning the life and the health of the insured person.
If an insurance case occurs during the insured term, the insurance company pays claims. The sum of the claim is agreed in advance. The payment can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sum. The sum, which is defined as the size of the benefit, is the insured sum.
The risk covered in life insurance can be different:
 Survival of the Insured
 Death of the Insured
 Permanent disablement of the Insured
 Temporary disablement of the Insured
 Medical expenses of Insured
- Medical examinations and check-ups
- Hospitalisation
- Medicines and others

Depending upon the covered risks, Life insurance offers the following products:

 Child insurance
 Health insurance
 Term life (death only)
 Accident insurance
 Retirement annuities
 Insurance (when borrowing)