June 25, 2024




We shall offer to you the best possible service guaranteeing the best solutions to your insurance needs at no additional costs.


How can you benefit by selecting “Life Broker” Ltd?

 “Life Broker” Ltd a has highly qualified personnel ready to work for the benefit of you the Client. We are at your disposal seven days per week at a location convenient to you.

   What we will do for you?

 We will provide you with all necessary information to assist you in determining your insurance needs.

 We will analyse all potential options to ensure that you are provided with the optimum solution.

 We will negotiate and agree the best possible conditions for your insurance contract.

 We will help you to fill out all of the required documentation for any subsequent Contract.

 We will either issue your policy immediately or will submit your documents to the insurance company who will issue the policy.

 We will deliver your policy.

 We will deliver your signed policy to the Insurance Company and obtain proof of receipt.

 We will ensure that any changes or amendments to your insurance policy are incorporated.

 We will provide the amended documents to you.

 We will notify you of any outstanding payments to your policy. In case you pay cash, we can transfer the amount to the Insurance Company on your behalf.

 We will, if possible, complete your documents in case of any claim and we will also help you if you have to do it personally.

 We will, if allowed, obtain your benefits and we will deliver them to you at a location and time convenient to you.

We would be grateful for an opportunity to discuss your insurance requirements and to demonstrate how our services will benefit you. Following our initial contact we will arrange a personal meeting at which we will provide sample